Who we are…

My thirteen year old young man, Harry B. and me.
My thirteen year old young man, Harry B. and me.


Yard kill.
Yard kill.


The Buddha.
The Buddha.

Life in New York City was a whole lot different for us than it is now down south in Dixie. Imagine a New York City boy, a southern girl who had lived 17 years in Manhattan and their son living on the family farm in Louisiana. We are Kit, Karl and Harris Baumann,  living our own reality show; sometimes it is pure comedy but other days  it is, well, drama. We moved back to my family home to help care for my Mama, who sadly passed away three years ago. We’re still here though, plowing the fields, growing beans…who are we kidding we shop at Winn Dixie…we don’t even own a tractor. We are moving through life the best way we know how: one day at a time. Some days are crazy and Karl yells “TAXI” but a yellow sedan never pulls down the lane.  Some days are glorious as we sit on the porch and watch the chickens chase the dogs. We’re figuring things out “Slowly, O Slowly” like the snail that climbed Mt. Fuji. Join us as we learn, live, make you laugh, sell our reclaimed wood furniture, and sometimes sell my Mama’s stuff. Shh…don’t tell her. ‘Cause even though she’s gone she’s watching over the farm.


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