Life at Mill Bank Farms

The Cat and the Yellow Chair

Harris told me that I’m jealous of Emily, our new cat who does prefer him over me.  I’m actually happy that at least one animal in our mixed up menagerie is more attached to him than codependent on me. I mean really how many audience members do you need while you go to the bathroom?


Our animals follow me everywhere! On Sunday mornings I love to sit at the barn in my dad’s old yellow 1970’s era lawn chair and drink my coffee, my entourage at my feet–even little Emily.  We’re down to only two dogs, Cooper and Old Bucky. Then there’s our outside fat cat, Squirty, and Harris’ new bud, Miss Emily —or as he calls her “Precious”.


One other inhabitant of Mill Bank Farms is Sir Abbot , our part-time Tom cat. He lives in our barn, and then mysteriously shows up down the road at the Abbey. He’s a Bedouin cat even though we are hundreds of miles from any desert!

I would be remiss if I didn’t include our chickens in the count. As of last Thursday, we are down by one hen, my funny Lucy. She was a Rhode Island Red with tons of personality… I mean, uh, for a chicken. In the wee hours of the morning we heard Lucy screaming or cackling. No it was a scream! Me and the dogs ran outside to save her. Something had eaten its way through the chicken wire and Lucy, in a state of shock, ran out of the coop door as soon as I opened it. I never found her. Not even one red feather. Karl came outside decked out in his boxers and Red Rider BB gun, ready to kill the nasty intruder. Screech—-Seriously, a BB gun. Don’t ask. We never caught the varmint either.

When I sit out at the barn in my chair early in the morning I enjoy the peacefulness of this crazy life of ours. Birds fly above from pecan tree to oak tree, and a world of more bugs than I can think about dance about on the dew spotted grass.  Bucky likes to wiggle upside down and scratch his back and I can see his toothless grin as he groans in happiness. Cooper likes to chase Emily but he never can catch her.  And Squirty just lays there in his Buddha state watching it all with a disdained look.  It’s all so lovely. Until Emily crawls up the plastic rungs of my dad’s yellow chair and whacks me in my head.  And then I remember, she loves Harris more.




1 thought on “The Cat and the Yellow Chair”

  1. Ahahaha! Great post! And I toootally know what you mean when your animals follow you to the bathroom XD Mine always do that to me too, :: grin ::

    Have a lovely day! 🙂

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