Life at Mill Bank Farms


I loved the honesty of this blog. Forgiveness indeed.


Today starts Yom Kippur–which is the holiest of days. It is the day when you must first ask forgiveness of others, before you can ask forgiveness from God.

Therefore, I ask forgiveness from:

My mother–I hope she can forgive me for all the times I didn’t do the chores I promised I would, and all the times we fought. I hope she can forgive me for the fact that I am not there to help her through her cancer, but that I am just two hours away at school, which she made me promise to finish.

My friends–I hope you all can forgive me for not being myself. I am really trying to have fun, but it is hard and I cannot stand the same things I did last year. I am sorry for being a downer and never wanting to do anything.

My students–I hope you can forgive me…

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