Life at Mill Bank Farms



I realized this morning that i’ve been writing my blog for a year now, and that I haven’t posted since this summer! Time really does fly by!

Our son Harris started high school this fall and THAT just seems impossible! Only yesterday, he was a 4 year old pre- schooler as we had packed our lives up into a Ryder truck and moved from New York to Louisiana. It seems like only last week Mama was greeting us at our front door with smiles, hugs and a warning to Karl that this beautiful farm would never be his. Mama had watched Gone with the Wind too many times!


The 12th anniversary of 9/11 was also this week and that length of time between the worst day ever and today seems impossible. That fateful day changed all of our lives, but for us that day set us on a trajectory that has led us on 11 years of unimaginable adventures with Mama, my dysfunctional family of origin, chickens and dogs (both dead & alive), wild boars, guns, slaughtered deer, ticks, horses, cats and the stories in between that would fill volumes of paper.


One day when time slows down a bit, I’m going to write those tales. For now, I’m just livin’ our country life with my New York City boy, our Aspie son and their Red Ryder BB gun.




1 thought on “Anniversaries”

  1. Time really does fly by, doesn’t it? o_O

    I can’t wait to read more tales ๐Ÿ™‚

    (Sorry I haven’t commented in a looooooong time. Time has definitely gotten away from me this summer as well!)

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