Life at Mill Bank Farms


Worth a repost.

Mill Bank Farms

I love old trucks. I mean really old trucks like from the 1940s to the 1960s. Now this wasn’t always the case.

My Daddy always owned a truck of one style or another, but usually it was the “farm” truck used for a myriad of agriculture hauling or pulling things like the hay wagon or sometimes his boat.  Many times Daddy would even lend his truck to a neighbor who only had a car, which obviously isn’t appropriate for carrying trash to the dump. That’s what farm  people do; they share equipment, or their time, and sometimes just a good story about their garden.

My favorite truck of Daddy’s was the red Ford truck he had back in the mid-sixties. My sister and I loved to ride in the cab, no seatbelts, of course, and fight over who would sit by the window. Back then, it took both of my…

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