Life at Mill Bank Farms

Mama’s Birthday

May 16th was Miss Katie’s birthday. She would have been 84. If she was still living and she learned that I told you her real age, she would be very upset. Mom told me to “always make yourself younger”. I reminded her, as I grew up and became more ethical, that lying was a venial sin and she would just give that Katie-esque dimpled smile. I miss that smile. I miss it all the time.

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My family

Mama died the way she lived, on her terms and by her direction but always understanding that ultimately God is in charge. She had a strong faith, a loving heart, a passionate way of living and she was a  sincerely unique and amazing individual. Miss Katie loved the outdoors, riding horses, camping, cooking (oh she loved cooking),of course any type of dance and  bringing people together. Mom loved her family and her Mill Bank Farms. My husband commented that the farm was like another family member, and I think that is true.

Mama and her Daddy, M.P. Planche
Mama and her Daddy, M.P. Planche

So in honor of my mom, who loved Mill Bank Farms and my dad, who loved the idea of being a farmer (even though he was a biologist), I am making something of this dilapidated place. We’ve sunken tons of money into the old farm house and we sell antiques online.  We raise chickens and give away our eggs. Sometimes a friend may put their horse in our field but we don’t charge them. My business savvy cousin tells me I’m an idiot, but hey I like to share. I’ve been blessed with so, so much. If I could I put little cabins on the property for people to stay in when they needed respite from life, I would but zoning and all that.

Live like Miss Katie and be the best person God created you to be.


I’m not afraid of storms because I’m learning how to sail my own ship. –Louisa May Alcott



1 thought on “Mama’s Birthday”

  1. Well said, young lady. Mom’s take the cake. And now we know where your dimples came from. Just celebrated Mary’s 90th back in Connecticut. It was like a wheelchair and oxygen tank convention, but a great time was had by all.

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