Life at Mill Bank Farms

Family, Love & 30 Rock

cental park

The entire time I lived in New York, for some odd reason I seemed to always work at a job somewhere in the vast sub-city of Rockefeller Center. For those of you who don’t know Rock Center like I came to know every passage way, hidden underground walkway and Mrs. Field’s cookie stores hidden beneath 6th Ave., Rock Center is huge! I think that’s why Lego sells the Rock Center model for $190. I dunno.

Anyway, my first job in NYC was at Saks on 50th and  5th, right across from one of my favorite hiding spots, St. Patrick’s Cathedral. I know it sounds so cliche’ but its true. There is a perpetual adoration Blessed Mother chapel behind the altar and you can sit there undisturbed for, well, all of your lunch break, or all the time you’re suppose to be exercising at the gym on 7th Ave. Another place I worked and then became a member, The Athletic and Swim Club in the Equity building on 52nd St. between 6th and 7th. Then, there was Judson Grill on 53rd St., The American Festival Cafe at The Promenade–ya know where Prometheus lives and gets filmed in almost every movie shot in NYC. I catered underground at Savories and The Seagrill. I watched famous and infamous skaters on the Rockefeller Center skating rink. I waited on Al Roker when he was fat and watched Chris Farley eat 4 eggs for breakfast. Gross. Still grosses me out. Finally, I worked in the Time & Life building for Gilman Paper and the great NY philanthropist, Howard Gilman. I could stand in our conference room and watch the soldiers on top of Radio City’s marquee at Christmas fall and then get back up. I felt like I was living in a fairy tale. Me, little me, in the heart of New York City.

harris + me NYC

I knew how to walk from Saks on 5th all the way to 7th Ave at 53rd St. without coming up for air or light…all underground. Rock Center was my other home.  I even became engaged to my love, Karl, in front of the fountain on 6th by the entrance to the Time & Life building!  So, somehow I never watched the TV show “30 Rock” not even once…for seven years that it ran on NBC. I think I was afraid it would make me homesick.

harris 3

I was right. I started watching it on Netflix after it completed its final season. I was never much of a follower so I thought, okay its not in style anymore, I’ll try it. Well I’ve been obsessed ever since. I’m now about to complete Season 4 and I’m in love with the set, Rock Center. And I was right; I’m homesick for my Naked City, my town, my son’s birthplace, my husband’s home town, my other home, N. Y.C. There’s somethin’ about ya’. Three bucks, two bags and me.  Blerg!



2 thoughts on “Family, Love & 30 Rock”

  1. Yeah, that was a pretty amazing piece of underground, always got lost when I was down there. Was there any place you didn’t work in NYC? Holy Mackeral. Speaking of which, we used to go to the Blessed Mother Chapel to smoke a joint and kill a six pack till the Arch Bishop threw us out. And what’s the problem with 4 eggs for breakfast? Great piece of writing, young lady, brought back a lot of wonderful memories of the greatest place on earth.

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