Life at Mill Bank Farms

Sharing Christmas Memories

The Friedrichs Four a long time ago

I was trying to remember my favorite Christmas story and I thought of too many stand-out tales to tell. Like the Christmas I wanted to be a Majorette with long dark hair. Lo and behold, Santa brought me a real life Majorette costume with gold epaulettes, brass buttons running down the front, white gloves, a silver baton and white marching boots. Luckily for me, my mom was the local college’s cheerleader and dance team moderator so I’m sure she had the uniform connection for Santa. Wink wink. Santa didn’t disappoint and he also brought me a long black fall wig in a fabulous round wig box. I’ll never forget it; instant hair like the Velvet doll he had brought my sister. I felt smart and sassy as I marched down Lynn Lane in my Majorette’s regalia, high stepping in my white boots as I twirled my baton with my flowing dark Breck girl hair.

Another “best Christmas ever” was when I was ten and we had moved to Mill Bank Farms from our  60’s suburban house. Santa brought me a Red Rider BB gun and a real Davey Crockett buck skin coat with fringe on the arms. I wanted make-up but I guess Santa had better sense than to give a pre-teen girl blue eye-shadow and false eye lashes. Instead I learned gun safety and how to hit a bull’s-eye target on the side of the barn. Later that spring, my love of farm and country life must have waned because I recently found a note that I had written on Palm Sunday morning 1972.  It read, “I hate Covington. I don’t care if it even falls into the earth. Kit Friedrichs – Age 10”.

So many stories and so many Christmas memories…baking pecan shortbread cookies with Mama, decorating candies for gifts, putting up the plastic Christmas tree that my mom insisted looked real, wrapping endless amounts of family presents as a teenager and writing “Love, Santa” on them, asking my grandmother to look for bald spots in the tree while we carefully placed the ornaments, learning Christmas Carols, drinking hot cocoa in 80 degree weather, wishing for a White Christmas down South, shopping at Gibson’s with $25 for all of my presents to family, watching for the Elves on Christmas Eve, waiting for Santa, waking up to presents in the living room on Christmas morning, feeling happy and sometimes disappointed, but loving Christmas anyway.

We love Christmas at Mill Bank Farms. Tell us your favorite Christmas story right here or on facebook ( May the peace and goodness of Christmas be with you now and throughout the coming New Year. God bless and thanks for stopping by.

Mama and Daddy at a Christmas party – circa 1968.

4 thoughts on “Sharing Christmas Memories”

  1. Sidonie – that cracks me up that you shopped at Hebert’s! We had a charge there too but I was NEVER allowed to use it. Heaven forbid! I saved all year to get that stinking $25 together when I was young.

  2. And I love that you shopped at Gibsons with $25. I did all my shopping at Hebert’s Drug Store because my dad had a charge account there!

  3. I remember being awakened at (probably) 10:00 p.m. because Santa had arrived. I didn’t like being awaken from my sleep, but then I saw it… My red hippty hop. I bounced for hours after that. Actually, I don’t remember it, but I saw I on 8mm film.

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