Life at Mill Bank Farms

Moving Along

Old Barn

Our friend came out to take a look at our barn wood to see if there is any chance of partnering and building some funky rustic chic furniture. She is very kind to “love” our place as Belle Reve-dilapidated as it is. “I see so much potential”, she said which is a nice way of saying “Whew, there’s  a lot of work to do out here!”

Last week a movie scout looked at our property as a possible location for a new HBO series. All I can tell you is Karl would just about die if the star of the series steps foot on our property! “So what’s the series about?” I asked the movie scout. “Oh its called True Detective and they are looking for a run down place to shoot a Meth Lab scene.”  I know my prim and proper grandmother is turning over in her grave! “Great,” I winced, “We are perfect for that.” I glanced behind me at my half standing tractor shed and removed my denial to see the reality of what our “farm” has become.  I felt kind of sad that in ten years I haven’t gotten all of this to “work”.

My friend’s visit has been a ray of hope that maybe we can make something of this place, clean it up, fix the big barn and tear down the half standing structures. I’m all for being a Phoenix rising.

In the meantime, if we have to play Meth Lab with a famous celebrity, so be it. What’s a little crack among friends–or is it “ice”.  I’d say it would be good publicity but honestly I am not sure this event will make us look very good. I’m imagining people thinking we are a bit like Grey’s Garden living among the ruins. Okay we aren’t quite that bad and hopefully…prayerfully we never will be.


2 thoughts on “Moving Along”

  1. I was at the arts market today and there were photographs JUST LIKE THESE selling for a bunch of money…just sayin’. Maybe you don’t need to go all meth lab and stuff! Love the posts! – Stacey

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