Life at Mill Bank Farms

Sunday Mornings

Sundays at Mill Bank Farms are typically lazy days. When I was growing up Mama and Daddy would let us sleep later than usual but we had to get up in time for Mass. If you slept passed 10 o’clock than you couldn’t eat breakfast until after church. Mom said that you’d choke on Jesus if you accepted the Eucharist on a full stomach. I knew that I wouldn’t but I was scared enough of the thought to listen to her threats.

After Mass we’d come home for a big family dinner — that’s what we called our mid-day meal — around my grandmother’s old oak table. As a small child that Sunday meal seemed like it went on forever. Then, we’d all take turns reading our favorite parts of the paper, watching TV, or taking a nap. There is nothing better than a Sunday afternoon nap.

I asked my son Harris to help me write this blog but it is hard to get a 13 year old interested in something other than Family Guy, video games or comic books. So that’s what I get for asking…A little Calvin and Hobbes comic strip on a Sunday morning. Now I’ll go back to my lazy Sunday. I better hurry up and eat breakfast. I certainly wouldn’t want to choke at Communion. Even at my middle-aged I still listen to my mom. Happy Sunday everyone! Enjoy your day and make it a great one.

Mourning Doves on the gates–


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